A.C.E. Enterprises developed our own specialty
coffee line called the Royal Crested Roasters. 
We roast our beans daily to provide our customers with the
freshest tasting coffee imaginable. Our gourmet coffee
line coffees will set the standard for vended coffee and beyond.
Our unique coffee roasting facility operates with two state-of-the-art Probat coffee
roasting machines. Both have solid drums that transfer heat to the unroasted green
beans by contact and work in conjunction with afterburners to control emissions
during the roast cycle. The larger roaster can process approximately 750 pounds per
hour and uses a three stage system that gives the operator precise control over the
coffee beans as it roasts.
A.C.E. Enterprises offers fresh roasted coffee in 1.75 ounce and 1 pound
packaging. If you wish, many of our gourmet coffee's can be customized to meet
your company's needs. Many of our clients enjoy having the option of placing their
own company name and graphics on our packaging. Custom packaging is a way to
distinguish one business from another and will undoubtedly build company
If you would like more information on our fine products and services, please call (630) 233-2800 or contact
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