Ace Coffee Bar places great importance upon understanding the
individual needs of our customers. Ace can provide your
employees with the finest purified and mineral water from our
own filtration plant. Select from a variety of bottled water options
including traditional water coolers to point-of-use filtering systems.
Silver Creek Bottling Company, a division of Ace Coffee Bar, Inc., uses the most advanced purification processes to provide the best water available. Our spring water is filtered and ozonated at the source and again in the bottling facility. Purified drinking water is treated with the same care and attention as spring water. Enjoy the benefits of chilled and hot water at your doorstep. Easy, cost-effective rental coolers programs are available. Water coolers are available in a variety of color options.

Silver Creek’s Natural Spring & Purified water is available in more than 10 different packaging sizes. Our distinct labels featuring the trademark “S” and pink ribbon shadowing a lime green and purple ribbon, represents our ongoing initiative to fight cancer. Silver Creek for years has donated a percentage of its profits to fight breast cancer and children related and civic functions. Recently we have focused on helping all cancer organizations (purple ribbon) including lymphoma research. A lime green ribbon is to represent the fight against lymphoma. Silver Creek’s mission is to help support cancer patients in memory of Elizabeth S. Cavitt, who passed away in October of 2002.

Our bottling facility exceeds all FDA standards, I.B.W.A. and National Sanitation Foundation’s standards for bottling water.

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